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Global Tones
a composer's trip through decades, genres, emotions, ...

Global Tones
is a music project of musicians from all over the world. It is the result of a collaboration between people from the USA, Canada, England, Germany and Austria.
Various genres and styles - why not?
Many people like variations when it comes to listening to music. That is why we try to come up with songs in different styles and genres. Let us surprise you.
We are happy if you support us on our way. Find us on Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, I-Tunes, Spotify, ...  
First single release on May 18 2018 >>>
Rain and tears - Funk/Pop
Preorder available on
Second single release on June 8 2018 >>>
Walk the plank - Folk/Pop
Third single release on June 29 2018 >>>
All my life - Rock Ballad
4th single release August 10 2018 >>>
Give a smile to anyone - Reggae/Pop
5th single release September 14 2018 >>>
My cup of tea / Dance Track, EDM

6th single release November 2nd 2018 >>>
Girls / Country music
7th single release March 23 2019 >>>
It's life / Jazz Swing
8th single release June 28 2019 >>>
Hold on to your dreams / Rock
9th single release september 27 2019 >>>
It's OK / Country

EP release october 4 2019 >>>
Country mood / Country

single november 2019 >>>
Weihnachten mit dir/Christmas

EP release may 2020 >>>
Showdown / Rock
More songs are coming soon ...

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